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Archived Site last updated 12/08/07

2007 Archive Note: This is where I will track all of the archive additions to the site. Visit here to see what's been newly added since your last visit.

12/08/07 new Added the Christmas slider puzzle to the gameroom. Also added four of the favorite printable Christmas games to that section. Have fun!

11/13/07Completed and added a new Flash-based game to the gameroom. ToonaCat plays Hide and Seek' just like the old Simon electronic game. TC pops up in a pattern, click the same pattern and see how many times you can find him!

11/04/07 Wow, what a busy day. For the first time in years, we added an entire new section to ToonaCat.com. Visit ToonaCat's game room to see the latest in online games and printable games from ToonaCat!

10/27/07 This week I took a break from the archive project and worked on a new Flash Activity. I'm learning ActionScript 3 so this activity requires Flash player 9 or greater. It's a concentration type of matching game. Have fun!

10/20/07 This week's update to the ToonaCat's Kids Club archive project is the return of ToonaCat's Jokes and Riddles page. Have fun reading some of the many jokes and riddles that kids sent ToonaCat.

10/13/07 Now that Java Applets are back in ToonaCat's Club House, we added back the JAVA based online painting activity. This fun activity allows you to mix your own colors to use on ToonaCat's designs. It was written, and used with permission by Julie Tonnu of Jayzeebear.com. Go check out Julie's site. It still has fun activities for kids.

10/6/07 Great news, my web host now allows java - so I raced on over to the fabulous Eric Harshbarger's and got his puzzle slider applet. ToonaCat is all mixed up. Just click the squares to play this classic game online!

09/30/07 Posted the first activity for the Halloween countdown.

09/29/07 Added in some more 'free form' print and color designs - began the archive for the previous 'print and color' designs. Added a new color design to the Flash online coloring page. Use the drop down menu to access the 'dragon'.

09/22/07One of ToonaCat's best beloved features was the annual 'Halloween Countdown'. It features a new puzzle, poem, paper doll, coloring design or other Halloween Activity every day of October. So bookmark the countdown page, and visit with your kids, grandkids or kids at heart every day Starting Oct 1 to see what TC has in store for that day. Live now is the preview puzzle.

09/15/07 Finished rounding out the nav bar with the addition of the ToonaCat's featured Links by Kids and its archive. All of the links have been disabled, but it is really interesting to read about all of the sites made by kids that TC visited. Also, it is fun to see the many, many countries represented. It truly was a 'World wide' web!

09/08/07 Added in the first feature of the Write Stories section. It is a StoryMap that teaches the basics of plot creation. There is an online version, as well as a printable version.

09/02/07 The Ask ToonaCat section is up almost 100%. You can read questions Kids asked ToonaCat, his answers, and Kids' answers too!

08/25/07 Added in many 'Book Nook' features, including a couple of printable puzzles, TC's vacation journal written by my niece when she was 7, the section featuring some of my writing, and the gallery of 'Hall monsters'.

08/18/07 Posted a Flash-based online coloring activity. Requires Flash 8 or higher. You can print out either your completed picture or a black outline to color off-line. Will be updated with more designs later.

08/11/07Added in the ToonaCat's Art Show section.

08/05/07 Added in the printable coloring sheets section.

08/05/07Added an Archive notice section - to catch folks who click an inactive area of the navigation frame, also to let folks know what's coming next.

08/05/07 Updated the main navigation to php to better manage the links as they become active. Removed links from the awards page, and added an archive note.

07/31/07 Updated the FAQ page, uploaded the main Kids Club page, added a new JavaScript based Word Search puzzle and print version.

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