2007 Archive Note: The original links back to the sites who sent the awards or reviewed ToonaCat have been removed. Sadly, many of the sites are now gone, or the domains taken over by marketing or other sites. Below are just a sample of the sites who sent awards or reviews. Notice ToonaCat received awards from big, known sites like Windows magazine and the LA Times, as well as from kids themselves who were also web pioneers.

Thanks to these Nice Folks Who Have Honored ToonaCat's Kids Club!

ToonaCat's Opened April 4, 1997

Dec. 26, 1997
"Wave of the Day"
"... Congratulations! Your site has been selected by Hit The Beach! as the Wave of the Day for December 26, 1997 ..."
Dec. 5, 1997
"Sam's Cool Cat Award"
"... We think you have a great page. Thank you for being there for all of the kids. ..."
Oct. 25, 1997
"Cool Site of the Nite!"
"... based upon its content, page and graphic design and overall contribution to those who see it. ..."
Cool site of the nite
Oct. 23, 1997
"Surfer' Choice Site of the Month" award
"...Our astute panel of judges has selected your site as Site of The Month winner in its category. ..."
Surfer's Choice award
Sept 27, 1997
"Vista-Net Top 5%" award
"...Congratulations on designing a web site that stands above the rest on the net! We were so impressed by the quality of the work on your site that we are offering you our "Vista-Net Top 5%" award. ..."
vista award
Aug 15, 1997
"The Wings Award"
"...Your web site has been chosen by our staff as useful, fun, exciting...looks great, or is just great to know about...and we have awarded you our Wings award..."
wings award
Aug 10, 1997
"The Critical Mass Award"
"...A very nice site, good design, clever graphics and your content is useful, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web...."
critical mass award
Week of Aug 7-13, 1997
"Site of the Week!"
"Writing For Kids-The Mining Co."
"...TC's writing place is a treasure chest full of ideas and guidelines for writing both stories and poems. Then you can send them in to TC so he can publish them. TC has even published the stories and poems his mom has written. Isn't he a nice kitty?..."
mining co
July 25, 1997
"Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day"
"...Today's prescription is a rarity on the Web: a site that's good for children. ToonaCat offers a safe haven for kids that's a refreshing alternative from the big corporate children's sites that exist solely to push their products. (Take a bow, Disney). Here at ToonaCats's, children are encouraged to be creative..."
Dr. Webster
July 25, 1997
"Cool Site of the Hour"
Cool Central
"...Cool Central is devoted exclusively to the best sites the Web has to offer, and yours is definitely one of them..."
cool site of hour
July 24, 1997
"Big Cheese Award!"
"...Thanks for making the web a SAFE and fun place to visit!"
big cheese
July, 22 1997
"5 Stars!"
Surfer's Choice

"...What a wonderful Kids site you have produced for all to share. We award it our highest review a 5 star selection..."
surfer's choice 5 star
July 22, 1997
"KidZone Select Site"
Surfer's Choice

"...The one thing money can't buy is feelings that come from the best places in us. Kids are the most important resource any country has. Your site is a good guide and and sets up some nice ideals for kids to follow. That was evident in viewing your site. You are doing something very worthwhile and that's why we laid all those kudos on you. (AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT)..."
surfer's choice, kidzone select
July 22, 1997
"Blue Diamond Award"
for excellence in web design and content

Surfer's Choice
"...We surf over 4,000 sites a month and we have an idea of what's good. Your site fits the bill..."
surfer's choice blue diamond
July,17 1997
Awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times
"...We believe that your site is of real value to the people who use our site, and we believe many of them will want to see what you have to offer..."
LA Times Pick
July,13 1997
"Best of the Net"
Art for Kids-The Mining Co.

"...Only a few select sites receive that distinction...It means that your site was not only featured on Art for Kids, it was one of the very best."
best of net
July,13 1997
Featured on Art for Kids-The Mining Co.
"Your site was selected for our Art for Kids Award because of the interactivity and fun of your ToonaCat's Kids' Club page. I spent a while exploring it myself!..."
art for kids award
July,12 1997
"...Not many sites make it! Your exceptionally wonderful site is just the type of site we look for. We feel it is something our KIDS will want to see and can learn from..."
galactic galaxy award
June 1,1997
Seraphina's Swimming Hole
...I'm honoured to know that I'm on your list!...I've decided to give you my page's GOOF* award...

ToonaEditor: Seraphina's *GOOF award stands for "great, original, out-of-this world, fantastic!"

GOOF Award
May 11, 1997
Too Cool School House Educational Site of the Week "...An inspiring, educational site for children to actively use their writing, thinking and creativity skills."
too cool school house
May 24, 1997
Windows Magazine:
Fred Langa's
Windows HotSpot of the Day!

A Daily Showcase of the Best of the Web:
New, Unusual, Cutting-Edge, Useful,
Interesting, Weird, Funny,
or Technically Slick sites.
windows magazine

April 27, 1997
Cool Pick, That's Useful, This is Cool! "A bright, busy site aimed squarely at kids, ToonaCat share's children's original artwork and stories, as well as book reviews, coloring designs, kid-submitted links and more."
useful cool
April 26, 1997
Gold Cup Award "...This Award is presented for 'Content, Presentation, Informational Value and Web-Design'..."
April 20, 1997
Surf Shack review:
"--Very cool...if we had kids (and some of us do), they'd spend hours at this site!"
surf shack logo
April 13-20, 1997
"Safe for Kids" Site of the Week
Site of the Week 4/13-20/97
April 11, 1997
Reviewed by Charlotte's WEBster With several "Kid-Safe" awards, ToonaCat and his Kids Club provide many charming amusements for little WEBsters... Charlotte wonders: if he eats a singing aquatic animal, would he call it a ToonaFish?"*

*ToonaCat says he MIGHT call it a Sing-Ray!

Charlotte's WEBster
Reviewed April 11, 1997
April 10, 1997
Jim and Pat's Website of the Day! "..I really liked the fact that you award and link children's web pages. It will hopefully help inspire kids to do more creative things than games on the computer and the net. It is a really great site..."
Jim & Pat Site of Day award
April 9, 1997
Catnip of the Day "How could I possibly resist this site? There are lots of things for kids to do here (and you too!). From reading the stories to looking at art to printing out fun designs to color and more! Your kids will love this site! So check out ToonaCat's Kids Club!"
Catnip of Day award
April 7, 1997
ETA 5 Star Award "...One of the better kids sites and one to bookmark for regular visits. A clear 5 * Winner!"
ETA 5 Star Award
April 6, 1997
Globalkids Cool Site Award "ToonaCat's Kids Club is an excellent place to visit. ToonaCat is friendly ! Cool graphics, write stories, read stories, ask ToonaCat questions, there's a colouring book page, you can link your page and visit other kids pages. It has won Globalkids Cool Site Award. Check it out now!" --Robert, 14, UK
Cool Site Award
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