ToonaCat's game room

ToonaCat's Favorite New Games!
ToonaCat likes to make games and play games. Here's where you can come to play ToonaCat's games online, or print out games to play at home. ToonaCat's online games require JAVA or Flash 9.

Online Games

Holiday Sliders - Java based

ToonaCat loves to make a slider puzzle for every holiday. Check out his latest!

ToonaCat's Garden - Flash based

TC Garden
ToonaCat's planted five veggies and you can guess which ones in this fun game based on the old game 'Mastermind"

ToonaCat's Hide and Seek Game - Flash based

ToonaCat's having fun playing Hide and Seek in the Ally.See if you can follow his pattern and find him!

ToonaCat's Concentration Game - Flash based

Blast off to a fun memory game! ToonaCat has hidden 18 pairs of ToonaCat cards in his deck. Pick the pairs to win. ToonaCat also shows your score and timer.

Printable Games

ToonaCat's Reindeer Games!

ToonaCat LOVES to make printable Christmas games. Have fun!

Print and decorate your own gingerbread man.

Connect the dots to discover ToonaCat's secret friend.

Can you find all of the Reindeer in ToonaCat's Wordsearch?

ToonaCat has a puzzling Holiday Code. Can you crack it?

Secret Code - Printable

Here's a secret Code ToonaCat made. Print it out to see if you can solve it!

Cross Word - Printable

Here's a crossword ToonaCat made. Print it out to see if you can solve it!

Check Back, ToonaCat will be adding to this list!