ToonaCat's Story Map
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Print out this blank story map with your browser, then write the answers in the blank spaces to help plan your story.

Part 1. Complete Story Idea Sentence (Premise)
 1. Write down who your story is about. (Protagonist)
Example: A clumsy bear.

2. Add what your protagonist wants. (Objective)
Example: A clumsy bear wants to win the hand of Sweetheart Bear. 

3. Add why it is hard for your protagonist to 
reach his or her objective. (Obstacle)
Example: A clumsy bear wants to win the hand of Sweetheart Bear,
but, he has a rival who isn't clumsy. 

Part 2. The Five Key Scenes of a Basic Plot

1. Write down what happens at the beginning of the story that starts
 the protagonist towards his or her objective. (POA)
Example: Sweetheart Bear tells Clumsy Bear and his rival
she will marry whomever brings her the sweetest gift. 

2. Write down the first scene that shows the obstacle. (Conflict)
Example: Clumsy Bear has a talent for finding honey, 
but he falls from the tree branch, and his rival gets the honey first!

3. Write how the protagonist does something good. (Progress)
Example: Clumsy Bear finds two more honey patches,
now he has more honey than the rival!

4. Write how something so bad happens, 
it looks like the protagonist can't win. (Climax)
Example: Clumsy Bear hurrying to bring his gift,
trips in the meadow and now has nothing to give!

5. Write how the protagonist overcomes the bad thing,
 to win after all, or how the protagonist fails. (Conclusion)
Example: Clumsy Bear tells Sweetheart Bear that he has nothing to give
but his heart.  She says that is the sweetest gift of all and 
agrees to marry him!