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ToonaCat's Favorite Web Sites Made By Kids!
ToonaCat Likes to check out pages made by Kids. If you have a page you've made yourself, (or with a little help) send the address to ToonaCat and he'll swing on by! (TC gets hundreds of pages sent, so be please be patient. He will sign your guest book when he visits).

2007 Archive note: We are not accepting submissions at this time. For now, this review page is just for historical reference. We received many, many URLS for TC to visit. We also regularly surfed on our own finding the best of the best. Kids really made great sites, it it was a pleasure to highlight them. These kids were also very pleased to be featured. The links have all been disabled because many of these treasures became inactive years ago, or may no longer be suitable for kids to view. ToonaCat always stressed internet safety, and the archive project continues to strive to be 100% safe site for kids. Also see the List of Previously Featured Kid-Made Sites.

TC wants to remind kids to have fun but stay safe.Be sure to ask your parents' permission before visiting new sites and before chatting on the internet, even at fun places like ToonaCat talks about below. TC never chats online without his cat-mama. Also, TC makes every effort to recommend only kid-safe sites, but he has no control over the content of these links. So surf safe, and if you find something that upsets you on the 'net, be sure and show it to your mom, dad, teacher, or an adult you trust.


Leah's Page
Leah's Page button
One of TC's favorite people, Leah, made a Purr-fect page with a photo of her favorite cat, Frosty. You also do not want to miss her great cat-story, Thomas DeLeon and the Big Race. It's a picture book she wrote and illustrated and TC gives it 4 paws up!

Leah is 8 years old, in the 3rd grade, and lives in Donna, Texas. Things Leah likes are playing with her cat, playing on the computer, and climbing. Fantastic job Leah!


Blast off to Farzad's Universe for Great Fun and Interesting Facts about Space. Find out about our solar system, galaxies, and even space garbage! Then if you have JAVA, play a fun UFO game before taking off to visit one of Farzad's great space links. Really well done. Excellent Site. ToonaCat gives it 4 paws up!

Farzad is 11 years old, in the 6th grade, and lives in Novato, California, USA.

Another fun page about space is Mizu's Astronomy Page. You can read Mizu's Astronomy and other poems. ToonaCat especially liked Mizu's Astonomy poem, 'An Object That Could Fly'. ToonaCat also loved reading about the different space missions and visiting their home pages from Mizu's links. Be sure to fly over and say hi to Mizu from TC. Great job Mizu, your site is 'Out of this World!'

Mizu is 10 years old, in year 7, and lives in New Zealand.


ToonaCat gets asked all of the time for help making web pages. Unfortunatly, he is usually too busy with all of the hundreds of letters he gets to be able to. Well, Lissa has made a FANTASTIC site called Lissa's HTML Help and Web Page Resources for Kids that does just that. It's full of tips and answers to common web making questions, and written in a plain, easy to understand style. TC says thanks Lissa for helping other kids, and gives your great site 4 paws up!

Lissa is 12 years old, in the 7th grade, and lives in Florida, USA.


Heather's Room is jam packed with fun things to do, and also things to think about. ToonaCat had loads of fun going on a kitty hunt, looking at all of the owls to adopt, and downloading fun pages to color. TC especially liked Heather's Drug-Free pages, which give an important message, kid-to-kid. Also, if you'd like to download some great free graphics which Heather has made, then go to Heather's graphics.

Great job Heather, and TC wants to give 4 paws up to Heather's sister, Fiona, for teaching Heather html!

Heather is 10 years old, in the 5th grade, and lives in Victoria, BC. Things Heather likes are Reading, Gymnastics and Crafts.

AstroGlow Moon

Click on over to Astrinda's Sprinkle Page to adopt a moon like ToonaCat's. Isn't he pretty? ToonaCat named him 'AstroGlow'. You can also find out all about Astrinda, read her great spirit page, and download some fun graphics to 'sprinkle' around your page! Heavenly job Astrinda!

Astrinda is 12 years old, in the 1st Junior High School grade, and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Things Astrinda likes are Computers, Reading and Singing.

Fawn's Teletubbies
ToonaCat had a 'cornucopia' of full of fun at Fawn & Tara's Lil' Kids Page. The sisters, along with help from their mom and older sister, Kristinia, have cooked up a great site that celebrates holidays, shows their art and cyber adoptions, a cool Teletubbies page, and lots more!

To see Tara and Fawn's Pages you need to:

  1. Scroll down past the snowmen until you see a pop up menu.
  2. Pop it up to where you'd like to visit.
  3. Click the 'Fawn & Tara's Lil' Kids Page' button.
Great Job Fawn and Tara!

Fawn is 5 years old and Tara is 2. They live in Oxford, Maine.


ToonaCat LOVES to go visit the Young Authors' Writing Club and hang out in writing garden. A wonderful place for writers to find out how to control that darn writer's block, find inspiration, and get a few writing tips. The library is where you can rest and read stories and poems sent in by fellow writers, and when you're done visiting there are many writing links to try! Outstanding job Melissa, TC gives the Young Authors' Writing Club 4 paws up!

Melissa is 13 years old, in the 8th grade, and lives in the USA. Things Melissa likes are Reading, Writing and hanging with friends.

TC says to click on over to Foxfire Girls Club, a fantastic club for girls ages 5-18. Girls are invited to join in and participate in sections on style, movie reviews, health, links, contests and more!

Brianna is 12 years old, in the 6th grade, and lives in Sarasota, FL. Things Brianna likes are Writing great stories, Writing Poems and Hanging out with friends.

Another great new place to hang and meet new friends is at Nicki's web creation, the Best Friend Connection. There's a Gazette, message boards, and TC says be SURE to take off for Planet Kid for art and fun!

Nicki is 11 years old, in the 6th grade, and lives in Penargyl, PA. Things Nicki likes are gymnastics, reading, and writing.

Check Back Soon, ToonaCat will be adding to this list!

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